Saturday, August 10, 2013


At the risk of sounding mushy, I will say that the people do make it fun.

Meet Joshua, worker extraordinaire.  He made friends with a shovel and got busy getting the dirt out of the pond.

Julia, the builder.  She squeals at the thought of building something.  She is showing Nelson her planter box.

Kelli, the activist and gardening aficionado, recently moved back to Arizona and came by with Nelson to lend a hand.  Connor blows the leaves and dirt out of one of the ponds.  The boy is there when called to help out.

Courtney the enthusiastic new teacher focused on removing unwanted plant material and cleaning that pond we are on a mission to restore.

One of said ponds.  The picture isn't very clear but this one still has a clump of dirt, roots and rocks that requires muscle strength to remove.

The school year has started. Plans are being made to continue cleaning the garden.  A Botany Club will be created and herbs will be planted.  It doesn't get better than that.

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