Saturday, June 29, 2013

117 + degrees

That's what is scorching the valley.    Saturday
is watering day.  My sidekicks and I dashed over to quench the onions, the roses, the fruit trees, and newly planted patch by the pond.


The peace sign has been filled with the cactus. They had been pretty dry but are now perking up with regular watering.

Triway tagged along today.

Friday, June 28, 2013


   For now, everything we do is considered progress.
Julia and Alexis concentrated on the paved area near one of the storage sheds.  The green house will be moved to the greenhouse area, clearing this for a possible sitting space for working students or lunch area for faculty when the weather permits.
I cleaned up a few plants that  needed a few dried leaves removed.  The ants and I battled for access to them.  I am bigger, I won.
Next up is trash removal.  Our friends the ground guys should be on it next week.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Clean up, clean up...

Oh what fabulous people they are.  I dream up projects during the week, and on Sundays they make it happen.  The early birds show up at 6 AM and immediately engage in friendly banter as they perform their tasks.


One of the small greenhouses will soon be empty.

 Looking through the recycling pile.  We saved only what truly had possibilities.

 The crew.

 Relocated greenhouse.

Those greenhouses are very light and easy to move, which allows for their relocation.  I am trying to make the place as visually appealing and inviting as possible.  My peeps are so excited to be able to help with this project.  They have pride in their school and look forward to making a difference.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

This land

Is our land.   It's exciting to see the steady pace of the work being done to clean up the place.  There are many nooks and crannies needing attention.  Every time we spend time at the garden, the trash pile grows.

This is inside the greenhouse.  The tropical room.

This is Doug taking a peak at the pond pump.
The changes are noticeable.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Still at it.

Implementing the vision means I focus on zones in this garden.  Sunday morning found 3 of us busy cleaning around the greenhouse.

Who knew weed whacking was so much fun.

A Guerilla Gardener

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saving grace

Corona Grows, you are the saving grace of people like me who need to dig in, and be involved in projects that sustain life and positively impact the world.  You are the saving grace of young ones who need to serve the community and acquire service hours. I hope you will enrich the culinary program, and any other classes that will venture in your space and learn.

I used a weed wacker for the first time today.  Ah, the pleasure of watching the grass succumb to the this cool thingy.

Soon we will trim trees sand bushes.  We will roll up the hoses neatly, organize the tools, and have the mountains of trash removed. 

Seed sowing is coming up too.  Gotta look at what grows in the desert now.

Friday, June 7, 2013

In the beginning

The beautiful place housed on the Corona del Sol High School campus is a diamond in the rough.  Mr. Feldman has traveled east and I came into the picture to help make this garden they call The Green House, a shinning star.  I want to call it Corona Grows, because the green house is but one element of what is there. Mr. Brown, the Principal of this fabulous institution, blessed the vision and welcomes the hard work of volunteers.

I am a lucky girl.  The words that formed in my mouth when I saw the inside were "Oh my, what potential".  That still happens every time I enter the gates. The only time I am comfortable leaving is when I am deplete of energy and water. I get to go and work at getting it free of weeds, unnecessary items (read trash), and all that overgrown grass.

I found a place where onions are growing.  And one where a few tomato plants strive to survive in the shade of pretty sun flowers.
There are ponds, composting areas, growing areas, working areas, and storage areas.  I think of it as a small farm.
It looks like this after around 20 hours of work.

Mr. Feldman, the garden is alive. And it will thrive.