Friday, June 7, 2013

In the beginning

The beautiful place housed on the Corona del Sol High School campus is a diamond in the rough.  Mr. Feldman has traveled east and I came into the picture to help make this garden they call The Green House, a shinning star.  I want to call it Corona Grows, because the green house is but one element of what is there. Mr. Brown, the Principal of this fabulous institution, blessed the vision and welcomes the hard work of volunteers.

I am a lucky girl.  The words that formed in my mouth when I saw the inside were "Oh my, what potential".  That still happens every time I enter the gates. The only time I am comfortable leaving is when I am deplete of energy and water. I get to go and work at getting it free of weeds, unnecessary items (read trash), and all that overgrown grass.

I found a place where onions are growing.  And one where a few tomato plants strive to survive in the shade of pretty sun flowers.
There are ponds, composting areas, growing areas, working areas, and storage areas.  I think of it as a small farm.
It looks like this after around 20 hours of work.

Mr. Feldman, the garden is alive. And it will thrive.

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